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About the company

PRODO Group is one of the biggest Russian producers of poultry and meat products, delicacies, as well as ready-to-cook products.

The goods of our brands are sold in 65 regions of Russia.

The large scale of items is produced by 3 poultry farms and 3 meat-processing enterprises located in the Central, Siberian, Ural and Volga Region federal districts of Russia. All of them are the largest players in the local markets.

PRODO produces raw materials and corn for its enterprises.

We are united by a common cause
PRODO business includes a full production cycle from the production of raw materials to the sale of ready products.
We are in numbers
9 000 employees
The total number of people working in the company
85 000 tons
Meat products produced by the company
65 regions
Sales geography in Russia
120 000 tons
Poultry products produced by the company
90 000 tons
Cereal production
270 000 tons
Volume of own-produced feed
Our brands
PRODO enterprises produce all kind of meat and poultry products, as well as ready-to-cook items. We constantly develop and improve our assortment, so that each consumer could find something for his own taste.