Creating a taste every day

PRODO Group is one of the biggest Russian producers of poultry and meat products, delicacies, as well as ready-to-cook products. The goods of our brands are sold in 65 regions of Russia.

For 20 years PRODO has been developing and modernizing its production facilities, which makes them innovative and safe. Our key principle is the quality of products, which is controlled by a professional team at all stages of production.

The large scale of items is produced by 3 poultry farms and 3 meat-processing enterprises located in the Central, Siberian, Ural and Volga Region federal districts of Russia. All of them are the largest players in the local markets.

PRODO produces raw materials and corn for its enterprises.

PRODO Group produces over 1 700 products. The largest brands: Klinsky, Omsky Bacon, Troekurovo, Rokoko, Cherny Kaban, Yasnaya Gorka, etc. Today, PRODO Group unites enterprises with a total number of employees of more than 9 thousand people.

PRODO Group ensures the food security of our country. Since 2020 the company has been included in the list of city-firming enterprises of the Russian Federation..

Our Mission —
For consumers
High quality and great taste
For employees
Constant development and confidence in the future
For partners
Transparent and mutually-beneficial relationships
For society
Improvement of living standards and economic growth of the regions
1/5 Openness
Openness forms a common information field in the team, facilitates communications and simplifies the work. It saves time, there is no need to spend it on doubting, thinking up and finding out the true reasons. Openness forms a space of trust, safety and freedom of creativity that allow to fulfill the duties without looking at others.
2/5 Honesty
Being honest with yourself and colleagues is the shortest path to maximum efficiency. A valuable skill is to recognize in time that you cannot independently solve the task and turn to managers or colleagues for help. Honesty, as a norm of behavior in the team, allows to count on an adequate reaction from colleagues.
3/5 Value of teamwork
Only joint efforts can solve inspiring and ambitious tasks and achieve amazing results. Each professional has its own area of responsibility, but we all work for a common goal and are interested in each other's success.
4/5 Responsibility
Each employee is responsible for the particular area of work. We are doing our best to accomplish the tasks. Every day we make decisions in the area of our competencies, and these decisions should contribute to the achievement of the overall result.
5/5 Changes - new opportunities
There is no development without change. Without development any business model is inoperable. But changes are not only planned. And it is important to learn not just to accept them, but to get the maximum benefit from the current situation, to use it as a springboard for new achievements, a source of energy or an occasion for non-standard decisions.
Delicious and quality products should be at any home
The professionalism of our employees, experience and responsible attitude allow us to produce high-quality products
Business efficiency is in constant development. Every day we choose the best solutions for moving forward
People’s trust
is the main thing in our work.
Quality control
Each production batch passes through quality control
More than 3000 examinations are conducted every day
More than 100 employees work in 13 specialized laboratories
/ 7
High-quality raw materials
We produce our goods from our own quality raw materials. PRODO Group includes not only the processing complexes but also enterprises of poultry rearing and pig-breeding as well as crop production and compound feedstuff for animals. Full production cycle enables us to ensure that our product does not contain growth hormones and GMOs.
/ 7
Laboratory control
Using the modern equipment in specialized laboratories on the territory of PRODO enterprises we control veterinary and laboratory quality of the entire chain of product creation.
/ 7
We manufacture products according to the GOST, it’s the main part of our products assortment.
/ 7
Unique technology
Despite the rapid pace of technical re-equipment, we maintain the continuity of ancient recipes. In many enterprises, PRODO Group has preserved workshops where the products are made according to the unique traditional recipes.
/ 7
Modern packaging
We use modern packaging technology to preserve the freshness and high consumer characteristics of PRODO products.
/ 7
Efficient logistics
We competently organize our logistics: due to our wide and diversified structure, fresh products are delivered to the shops within a few hours.
/ 7
Production processes of our enterprises are organized on the basis of internal corporate quality system requirements. Management systems in the field of quality and safety correspond to the international standards of ISO.
Aiming to innovations in the production of delicious products
Establishing long-term relationships with customers, partners and employees
Efficiency in decision-making
Ensuring reliability and financial stability
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