Plant's contacts
141600, Klin, Durymanova st., 12
+7(49624) 5-84-07
North-Western sales office
Pushkin, Avtomobilnaya st., 6a +7(812) 331-12-51
About the enterprise

One of the leading manufacturers of meat products in the Moscow region. The meat processing plant produces more than 33 000 tons of meat products per year, while the major part of it represents a premium-segment. About 70% of the assortment is produced according to the GOST.

The plant’s products are presented not only in retail chains but also in the biggest Moscow hotels, including international ones, such as Metropol, National, and Radisson. Among other clients, there is the «Food Combine №4» that serves to the Russian State Duma and the Office of the President.

The production of Klinskiy Meat Processing Plant every year becomes a laureate of the biggest awards, such as “The Brand of the year”, “Healthy nutrition” and many others, as well as the winner of the biggest agricultural exhibitions, in particular, “Prodexpo”, “Golden Autumn”. The enterprise itself is the winner of the national award “Consumers’ rights and the quality of the service”.

Plant's contacts
646906, Omsk oblast, Kalachinsk, Stroitelnaya st., 11.
+7 (3812) 29-79-88, ext. 6830
Omsk sales office
Omsk, 2nd Solnechnaya st., 42a +7 (3812) 947-809
Tyumen sales office
Tyumen Oblast, Kaskara +7 (3452) 760-266
Novosibirsk sales office
Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya st. - 30a +7 (3833) 640-191
About the enterprise

One of the biggest meat processing plants in Russia that produces up to 40 000 tons of meat products and ready-to-cook products per year. The enterprise uses its own raw material — meat from the pig farm Omsky bacon and poultry farm of PRODO Group. But even its own raw material passes through strict control. That’s why the plant’s production is very popular outside the region, and its biggest brand — Omsky bacon — was recognized as the brand №1 in Siberia by the company Ipsos Comcon.

The traditions of Omsky bacon have existed more than 80 years and for all these years this enterprise has regularly won the medals and diplomas in prestigious Russian and international exhibitions and competitions, such as "100 Best Goods of Russia", "Golden Autumn", a professional competition of meat products by VNIIMP (Moscow), etc. Moreover, the plant produces the brand of low-price segment Dobriy product.

Plant's contacts
450027, Ufa, Tramvaynaya st., 4А
+7 (347) 284-93-03
About the enterprise

UMKK today is the largest meat-processing complex in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The annual volume of production surpasses 12 000 tons.
Besides the traditional assortment of boiled, half-smoked and smoked sausages, the plant also produces frozen semi-finished meat and canned food, sold under popular in Bashkortostan brand UMKK - Myasnaya kultura.
Products of the plant have repeatedly gained diplomas and medals at exhibitions, competitions, and fairs of various levels ("Prodexpo", "Golden Autumn", "100 Best Goods of Russia", "The Best Goods of Bashkortostan", "Consumers' Confidence").