Nasha Ryaba

The brand Nasha Ryaba represents high-quality poultry at a reasonable price.
About Brand

In order to produce our products, we use chicken raised with natural feed at PRODO own poultry factories. The enterprise doesn’t contain antibiotics and GMOs and all the products of the brand pass through the strict quality control at all the stages of production without being repeatedly frozen. The technology of blast freezing and modern packaging allows us to save all the nutrition value and the taste of top-quality meat.


The products of Nasha Ryaba are manufactured only in environmentally-safe areas at own factories of PRODO Group – PRODO Kaluga Poultry Plant JSC, PRODO Tyumen Broiler JSC, PRODO Siberian Poultry Plant JSC, and Perm Poultry Farm JSC. All these enterprises are located in different regions of Russia, but have a lot in common: a full production cycle, advanced technologies used in the cultivation of poultry, modern equipment of meat processing workshops, and most importantly, huge human capital, a staff of high-class specialists for whom work at the poultry factory has become something more than just work. All this allows us to create tasty, safe and high-quality products.

Nasha Ryaba — Production
Nasha Ryaba — Production

All PRODO Group's poultry factories have certificates of compliance with the requirements of the international food safety standard ISO 22 000. In addition, the enterprises have their own quality management system with requirements that often exceed international standards.

Carcass and cutting
Offal and minced poultry
Carcass and cutting — Nasha Ryaba
Offal and minced poultry — Nasha Ryaba
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